Being a private Limited Company Hi-fy has two directors

Our Directors

Ganesh babu

Mr. Ganesh Babu

Ganesh Babu is a Post Graduate in Criminology and has vast experience in Retail electronics and Consumer durable industry in the markets of India and Middle East with vide exposure.


Mr. Devaraj

Being an Engineering graduate he has rich experience in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Southern Markets and all over India.

Hi-Fy Electronics Private Limited Company is been supported by a team of qualified and well experienced personnel from the industry.

Core Team


Mr. Girish

Mr. Girish has got years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Distribution specialized in Consumer Durables and telecom Industry, who has worked with many telecom and Home Appliances renowned companies at senior level and held a key role(s) in launching many new products in the market.

Shakeel Ahmed A

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed is a highly qualified professional with an impressive background. He holds Proficiency in Marine Electronics Communication and additionally possessing Post Graduate Degrees in both English and Business Administration, which have equipped him with a strong educational foundation. With over 38 years of experience in various areas, including Shipping & Port Management, Logistics, Business Administration & Management, Human Resources, Training, Legal, and Administration, he has demonstrated his versatility in the corporate world.

Mr. Ahmed’s expertise goes beyond his educational background and experience. He has a profound understanding of management ethics and strategy planning, which adds depth to his leadership capabilities. Moreover, his knowledge and experience in Safety Standards Management of UK and Quality Assurance & ISO Standards of USA Compliance underline his commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards.

Notably, his leadership skills and communication abilities are exceptional, making him a valuable asset in any professional setting. Mr. Shakeel Ahmed’s profile exudes a strong sense of competence and leadership in various facets of business and management, making him a standout.


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