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Hi-Fy brand is known as a consumer durable (Home Appliances & Electronics) and telecom company. Hi-Fy brand is owned by “Hi-Fy Electronics Pvt. Ltd”. which is a Chennai based company.

The major development in the near future is, we are launching and setting up our Manufacturing unit in Chennai. “Make in India” will give us the strength and power to establish our brand as one of the major brand in the country.

Hi-Fy team has been in distribution of Consumer Durable, and Telecom Products, now prepared to launch its first products LED TVs and TABs in the shortest time. Followed by Mobiles phones and AC in the fourth quarter of this financial year 2023 – 2024

Hi-Fy is the company created by a team of Well experienced personnel from the industry. and by analyzing bright opportunity of new/secondary brands in the industry. The company decided to start its own Brand in the name of “Hi-Fy”. In this effort, we have made major tie-up with renowned OEM to support us on first phase of stock procurement.

Hi-Fy features to have its foot print in Consumer durable, telecom & Innovative electronic products. Our investment on the R&D front stays a big way to get into an innovative product from international partners, to come in the near future.

Hi-Fy is in the thresh hold situation on starting, own Manufacturing unit near Chennai, with a 35k to 40k Sqft space, To assemble and launch its first LED product for this year.

Hi-Fy has decided to launch TAB’s with its own manufacturing. Ac’s is also a major breakthrough and game changer on turnover in our business. We have partnered with one of the major AC producer in India, where the quality & affordability will be the key to our success beyond compromise on the quality.

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We stands tall on its commitment to deliver eco-friendly and quality products known for being one of the most trusted and preferred brands in consumer and institutional sector.